The World of Paperbacks. (Reviews)

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New releases from VINTAGE include Phillip Knightley's Australia: A Biography of a Nation ([pounds sterling]8.99), praised in this magazine as the best study of the Australian Commonwealth when published in hardback last year. Vintage has also released two new volumes in its impressive, twenty-four volume series of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud. This is the first such edition in English. The two volumes, each priced at [pounds sterling]9.99 are Volume IV (1900): The Interpretation of Dreams and Volume X (1909): Two Case Histories: 'Little Hans' and the 'Rat Man'. Vintage also continues its publications of Colette's novels with four new titles, each priced at [pounds sterling]6.99: Cheri, Chance Acquaintances and Julie de Carneilhan, Gigi and The Cat and, finally, The Last of Cheri. Another new release is Lawrence M. Krauss's Quintessence: The Mystery of Missing Mass in the Universe ([pounds sterling]8.99).

OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS has published a new volume in its Oxford Paperback Reference series: The Kings and Queens of Britain ([pounds sterling]8.99) by Professor John Cannon and Dr Anne Hargreaves. The Press has issued a new volume in its 'short introduction' to history series: William Doyle's The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction ([pounds sterling]5.99): at 135 pages it lives up to its title in discussing the Revolution that gave the world the delights of judicial murder, state terror, exported revolution, metrication and decimalisation. The Press has also brought out a paperback edition of The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation edited by Peter France ([pounds sterling]20.00) and two in its Reader's Companion series: the Oxford Reader's Companion to George Eliot, edited by John Rignall and the Oxford Reader's Companion to Trollope edited by R.C. Terry. Each volume is priced at [pounds sterling]9.99 and contains a selection of essays by academic authorities on the author in question. Under the Clarendon Press imprint O.U.P. has republished Jeffrey Goldsworthy's The Soverieignty of Parliament: History and Philosophy ([pounds sterling]14.99). This constitutional lawyer's survey is timely, given the present Government's low regard for Parliament and the increasing loss of power to Brussels.

Impressive releases from PIMLICO continue to pour forth. The first is a revised edition of Peter Hennessy's Whitehall ([pounds sterling]16.00), first published in 1989. This printing has a new final chapter and means that Professor Hennessy's remains the best study of Britain's civil service. Other new releases include two biographies -- Paul O'Keeffe's Some Sort of Genius: A Life of Wyndham Lewis ([pounds sterling]15.00), Frank McLynn's Villa and Zapata: A Biography of the Mexican Revolution ([pounds sterling]12.50) and three histories: Sir Martin Gilbert's Auschwitz and the Allies [(pounds sterling]12.50), first published in 1981, Lee Miller's Roanoke: Solving the Mystery of England's Lost Colony ([pounds sterling]10.00) and Dan Van der Vat's Standard of Power: The Royal Navy in the Twentieth Century ([pounds sterling]12.50).

From PENGUIN BOOKS we have a new edition of a classic of nineteenth century English radical writing, William Cobbett's Rural Rides ([pounds sterling]8.99), first published in 1830. This edition, by Prof Ian Dyck, has extensive notes and useful indices of persons, names and places. …