Anthologies Link Love of Food and Travel

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Byline: Judy Babcock Wylie Daily Herald Correspondent

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"The worst thing about eating grasshoppers is that their legs get stuck between your teeth," writes Tamara Holt.

Her story, "The Language of Taste," appears in the recent anthology "Her Fork in the Road: Women Celebrate Food and Travel," edited by Lisa Bach, and published by Traveler's Tales at $16.95. In this book 33 writers tell you how they discovered a fabulous regional dish, ate something we don't normally think of as food, fell in love over a fine meal or connected with a culture over a stove.

Some of the stories are written by well-known writers, such as the piece on walking in France by M.F.K. Fisher and another on dining in Tunisia by Ruth Reichl. Others are penned by unknowns, but there is not a food snob among them. A starving Faith Adiele writes about the divinity of a slice of pizza served in a Pizza Hut in Jakarta, as well as the seduction it begins, and Kelly Winters rhapsodizes over M&Ms she finds lying in the dirt of the Appalachian Trail.

Appetite and longing suffuse these stories: They are about more than mere food, but food plays a central part in these tales of daring and connection.

"Running With the Bulls" by Gary Gray, published by The Lyons Press at $22.95, is about "Fiestas, Corridas, Toreros and an American's Adventure in Pamplona," says the subtitle. The author, a former investment banker and now a finance professor at Penn State, has participated for 20 years in the "encierro," or running of the bulls, the dangerous Spanish celebration made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his novel "The Sun Also Rises. …