Battle of the Sexes Is over, Say Magazines; TRENDS: Peace Treaty Agreed in Pub Covers Thorny Subjects in Bedroom and Bathroom

Article excerpt

THE battle between the sexes is over and its official.

A truce is being declared in the long-running war of the sexes.

And in an age-old ritual, peace was declared over drinks in the pub.

The American editions of Cosmopolitan and Maxim are to declare an end of the war next month in special editions covering some of the hardest-fought battles of the war, including gift-buying and the use of toilet seats.

The same article will run in the March edition of both magazines, outlining a treaty between the sexes agreed in a New York Irish pub.

The treaty talks were cemented in a truce, which will be published in the magazines.

One of the armistice's clauses is called "Article IV: State of Emergencies", and is part of an overall peace treaty which covers more thorny subjects in the bedroom and bathroom.

It said men agreed to a proposal to remember the dates of birthdays and anniversaries - but had a concession that only the most important had to be remembered, with "first-date" anniversaries one of those they were allowed to forget. …