Health Watch: Marching through the Menopause; "Research Shows That Menopausal Women Have Lots to Feel Positive about and That Its a Time to Feel Good, Celebrate Even ''

Article excerpt


Is the menopause something to celebrate, even to feel good about?

Angela Rippon, one of the UK's best known broadcasters who is spearheading this week's Challenge Menopause Week feels it is. In fact she believes it can be one of the best times in a woman's life.

Angela, who suprised millions the night she showed her long, slim legs on the Morcambe and Wise show back in the 70's is now 58 and is still a stunning performer on television.

She says its the UK's 'grin and bear it' attitude to menopause that's being confronted during Challenge Menopause Week.

"Research shows that menopausal women have lots to feel positive about and that its a time to feel good, celebrate even,'' she says. "With more information and open discussion about managing and enjoying it, menopause can be one of the best times of a woman's life.

"This week aims to give women a kick start towards taking control of the menopause naturally - adopting a positive attitude, a healthy diet and lifestyle and living this time of life to the full.''

Angela admits to having come through the menopause herself without too many problems. She has not remarried since her divorce and says she enjoys the company of lots of male friends and 'some liasions'.

New research in fact explodes the popular belief that men embrace their midlife with confidence - whilst women merely tolerate it. …