Teacher's Bible Dream Has Become a Reality; New Books to Teach Very Young to Read

Article excerpt

Byline: Stuart Dye

A 17-YEAR dream has become reality for a Wirral woman after she published the first in a series of books using the bible as an educational tool.

Plans for the Diamond Books project began in 1984 when delegates at a Christian Education Conference discussed the possibility of teaching children to read using the bible.

Caroline Leah, one of the delegates, took up the idea and began work in earnest in November 1985.

And the first eight books have just been published. Titled Creation, the books are aimed at three and four year olds at Key Stage 1 learning.

Mrs Leah, a teacher for 30 years, said: "I originally said no when I was asked to get involved as it was such a big project, but I prayed and it was a calling to do it.

"It has taken a long time to get up and running, but it is quite exciting now we are getting under way.

"I've observed in schools that there's no bible-based reading project. Basically there was a gap in the market.

"We are using illustrations to make the bible more palatable for youngsters and also formatting it to meet national literacy standards."

It will be the first time the bible has been used as a literary education aid and the project team hope the books will eventually be used in nurseries and primary schools across the country. …