Categories of Futures/options Firms. (Brokers/Advisors)

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Futures commission merchants (FCM)

Solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures or options and accepts money or other assets from clients in connection with such orders. Must be registered with the CFTC or NFA. As of Nov. 30, 2001, the NFA had 183 FCMs registered.

Absolute Futures Commodity Brokerage

Ace Koeki Co. Ltd.

ADM Investor Services Inc.

ADM Investor Services International Ltd.

Aegis Financial LLC

A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc.

Alaron Trading Corp.

American National Trading Corp.

ANCO Discount Futures

Atwood Commodities LLC

Bane Of America Futures Inc.

Bansei PCF Co. Ltd.

Benson-Quinn Commodities Inc.

Cargill Investor Services Inc.

Carr Futures Inc.

Cerff Industries Management Brokers Corp.

Commerz Futures Corp.

Commodity Resource Corp.

Country Hedging Inc.

Credit Soisse First Boston

Crossland LLC

Daiichi Commodities Co. Ltd.

Dain Rauscher

Daiwa Futures Co. Ltd.

Daniels Trading Group

(A divison of LFG LLC)

Delafon Futures

Deutsche Bank Futures Inc.

Dorman Trading LLC

Eagle Market Makers Inc.


Excel Trading Group

F&E Group (A division of LFG Refco)

FCStone Group Inc.


Fimat USA Inc.

Finacor Vendome Inc.

First National Futures Group Inc.

Forex Capital Markets

Forex Division of PFG Inc.

Fox Inc.

Frontier Futures Inc.

Fuji Futures Inc.

Futures Express

GNI Inc.

Goldenberg Hehmeyer & Co

Hagerty Grain Co. Inc.

HSBC Bank plc

HSBC Futures

Hughes Investment Group


Instant Futures

Integrated Brokerage Services Inc

Interactive Brokers LLC

Iowa Grain Co.

Johans Grains International

Klein & Co. Futures Inc.

Kottke Associates LLC

Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc.

Lakes Trading Group Inc.

Lawrence-Bonfitto Trading Co.


Leader Investments Inc.

LFG Asset Management Inc.

Lind Asian Trade Center

Lind B2B

Lind Managed Accounts

Lind Plus

Lind-Waldock, a division of Refco LLC

Linn Group, The

Madison Capital LLC

Man Financial

Man Financial Inc.

(Susan Green's Trading Team)

Matchbook FX Holdings Inc.

McCullough Financial Group LLC

McVean Trading And Investments, LLC

Midas Trading House Ireland plc

Mitsubishi Corp. Futures Ltd.

Mitsui Bussan Futures Ltd.

NCC Inc.

Nihon Unicom Corp.

O'Connor & Co. LLC

Packers Trading Co. Inc.

Paribas Futures Inc.


Peregrine Financial Group (PFG) Inc.

Phenmar Inc.

QuoteData LLC

Rand Financial Services Inc.

RB&H Financial Services LP

Refco LLC

Refco LLC (Beverly Hills branch)

R.J. O'Brien

Robbins Futures Inc.

Rosenthal Collins Group LLC

Salomon Smith Barney

S&G Associates Inc.

Sanwa Futures LLC

Saul Stone & Co.

Savant USA Ltd.

Schroder & Co. Inc.

Securities Corp. of Iowa

Sentinel Management Group Inc.

Shatlein Arbor Karlow & Co.

Shay Grain Clearing Co.

Swiss Financial Services Inc.

Systrak (A division of Alaron Trading Corp.)

TechNet Trading


Timber Hill LLC

Tokyo General Corp. …