Job Sharing Is the Correct Answer for Harassed Teachers

Article excerpt


HOURS of preparation, endless paperwork, late-night marking and constantly changing standards - no wonder so many teachers feel the job is too much.

They love teaching but hate the increasing burden of administration. So could job-sharing stem the tide of experienced staff quitting the profession?

From tomorrow, a matchmaking service will pair up teachers keen to share the load. A pilot scheme is being run in Essex and Norfolk by job flexibility consultancy Flexecutive.

Managing director Carol Savage says: 'There is a lot of support from schools for job-sharing. The difficulty is finding the right partners.

'Many teachers can't find the jobs they want, so skills are being wasted and schools are facing staffing problems.

'But if this scheme gets off the ground, both teachers and pupils will benefit.' Essex county councillor Iris Pummell says: 'The teacher shortage is critical and jobsharing makes the profession more attractive for people unable to teach fulltime because of family commitments, for example. …