Asian-Americans Join to Mark Lunar New Year

Article excerpt

Byline: Shruti Date Daily Herald Staff Writer

The Asian-American Coalition of Chicago will hold its 19th annual lunar New Year celebration in Rosemont Saturday to highlight the unity, diversity and accomplishments of its 14 member communities as well as to try to unify itself as a political force.

The event, "Synergy Through the Winds of Change," is designed to pull together diverse Asian-American communities to celebrate each other's cultures and work toward accomplishing a common set of goals.

Along with prominent Asian-Americans, the event is important enough that numerous state officials and gubernatorial candidates including Lt. Gov. Corinne Wood and Attorney General Jim Ryan are expected to attend.

The event also will spotlight the accomplishments of Asian- Americans in the areas of music and literature and provide a forum to discuss issues such as education, community service, political empowerment and unity.

"We know we have to work together to have an impact," said Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sandra Otaka, a Japanese-American.

The coalition is a partnership of Chinese-Americans, Japanese- Americans, Korean-Americans, Indian-Americans and Vietnamese- Americans, among others. …