State Convention Sessions Spark Insight. (College Faculty Forum)

Article excerpt

Susan Tusing, assistant professor of music at Andrew College and college faculty chair for Georgia Music Teachers Association (GMTA), and Keith DeFoor, professor of music at Young Harris College and GMTA student chapters chair, co-presented a panel discussion on "Preparing Students for College Music Study" at the 2001 GMTA Convention, held November 1-3, 2001, at Columbus State University. A panel consisting of collegiate music professors, music majors and an independent piano teacher discussed the level of preparation for music study by today's college freshmen, career and employment trends for musicians, especially regarding the use of technology, and collegiate music opportunities for nonmusic majors. Audience members were welcome to comment and ask questions for further discussion throughout the session, resulting in a very lively and informative exchange. The session was well attended by professors, students and music teachers of high school students. Many of those in attendance commented on the value of the session, both in the ideas presented and the issues raised.

Tusing reminded me of a similar session held at New Jersey Music Teachers Association's state convention a few years ago. The densely populated state has many independent music and piano teachers' organizations that are not affiliated with MTNA. Five different institutions in New Jersey invited college faculty to participate in a panel about preparing students for collegiate music study. The session was well attended by independent teachers as well as college faculty, sparking much discussion. The gathering also reminded us of the importance of providing forums for discussion between independent teachers and college faculty, as well as among college faculty within the same state.

New Jersey's CFF members are in the process of brainstorming about holding inter-collegiate student recitals on different campuses throughout the state. The rationale is to give college students more performance opportunities and to hear and meet students at other institutions who are involved in similar programs. We hope the recitals and post-concert receptions also will promote the exchange of ideas and collegiality in a festival-like, noncompetitive atmosphere.

I hope to hear from other state CFF members telling us about their activities, or tell me in person at the 2002 MTNA National Conference. …