Government Welcomes Energy Review Report; Document a Vital Key - Minister

Article excerpt

BRIAN Wilson, Margaret Beckett and Professor David King, the Chief Government Scientist, welcomed publication of the Energy Review by the Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU), and announced that the Government intended to set in process a period of public consultation on its key recommendations leading to a White Paper in the Autumn.

Energy Minister Brian Wilson, who chaired the advisory group for the review, said: "I welcome the report as an important contribution to the debate on how best to meet Britain's long term energy requirements. It is a report to Government and we will need to consider its recommendations carefully and consult the public about them.

"The report argues that the introduction of liberalised and competitive energy markets in the UK has been a success, and this should provide a cornerstone of future policy - in the UK and internationally. But the challenges ahead may require new approaches. The report argues that alongside low prices and secure supplies, tackling climate change must become a central aspect of energy policy.

"Security of supply and climate change are truly international issues that must be addressed by means of international policies and agreement, as well as by our domestic actions.

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Margaret Beckett said: "I welcome the recognition given to the importance of environmental issues and the Government will consider how our future energy policy framework can best address all three objectives of sustainable development - economic, environmental and social - as well as ensuring security of supply. …