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QI HAVE a very small flat and need to do a few DIY jobs, like adding some box shelving. What can I use to hold the wood steady for cutting? There's not really enough room to store a portable bench.

ATHERE are some very compact benches around but they all take up valuable floor space. Record's Quick Vice costs about pounds 20 at DIY stores and is claimed to have a quarter of a tonne of grip between its hardened plastic jaws - certainly enough for DIY jobs. The lightweight vice can be screwed to a small baseboard that you can move to the job. Record: 0114 2449066.QMUCH as I love the warm glow of our solid fuel stove, now it's finally broken I don't miss having to hump wood into the house all winter. Is there anything available that's not too expensive to run?

AYOU should consider a stove that runs on LPG or natural gas. As well as saying goodbye to the wood bundles, you can light a gas-driven stove in seconds and it doesn't need constant checking to make sure it will last the evening. The Morso Squirrel (pounds 699) stove can be run for less than 8p an hour and has a 3.8kW output. The balanced flue version costs pounds 200 more but is cheaper to run in the long term. This type of stove is pretty straightforward to have fitted, as long as there's a gas supply. Visit or call 0845 601 0836 for prices and more information.

QWE have just settled a dispute with a local builder and the result is we have a detached garage with no roof. Where can I find a reputable firm to finish the job?

ATRY ringing the National Federation of Roofing Contractors on 020 7436 0387 or visiting their website at The Federation offers an arbitration service, insurance-backed contract and their members must guarantee all the materials used in the job for at least 10 years.

QWHERE can I buy stair runners and a traditional stair carpet that would suit an Edwardian town house?

AYOU should spend more per square metre on the stair and hall carpet than anywhere else in your home. …