Crematorium Operator Held as Police Find More Dumped Corpses

Article excerpt

The operator of a Georgia crematory where scores of unburied bodies were found stacked like firewood in storage sheds and dumped in nearby woods has been arrested and jailed for a second time.

Ray Brent Marsh, who runs the TriState Crematory in the rural northwest Georgia town of Noble, was charged with 11 counts of theft by deception for allegedly taking payment for cremations that were never performed, Walker County District Attorney Buzz Franklin said yesterday.

The charges were in addition to the five counts of theft that Marsh (28) was charged with on Saturday when he was first arrested following an initial search of the sprawling 16-acre crematory grounds.

Investigators have found 130 sets of human remains in varying states of decomposition at the site, but they said they expected that number to rise into the hundreds after a thorough search of five crematory vaults.

One vault was found on Sunday to contain more than 20 bodies.

'The other four have been opened now for additional evaluation and all of those are filled with human remains,' Dr. …