Federal School IPM Bill Dead. (the Buzz)

Article excerpt

Despite pleas from the American Crop Protection Association and RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment), the Senate Amendment to The Education Reauthorization Bill (S.1), known as The School Environment Protection Act (SEPA), has been removed in conference between Senate and House members. RISE had joined other industry associations in cooperating and compromising with Sen. Robert Torricelli and the activist community to develop a responsible federal approach to school IPM.

"Unfortunately," a release from RISE notes, "key leaders of the House of Representatives opposed the measure and prevailed in Conference. It is now likely that Sen. Torricelli and other Senate leaders will try to pass a much more onerous and unworkable anti-pesticide school measure. It is also now unlikely that industry views will be taken into consideration in any future measure."

ACPA President Jay J. Vroom and RISE President Allen James had previously issued a statement supporting the use of pesticides in schools. In part, they said:

"We are surprised at the rhetoric used today against pesticides. Pesticides help safeguard children's health from pest-related disease, bites and infection, such as West Nile virus, asthma-worsening cockroaches, rats and stinging insects. …