A Knock-Out Blow to UK Sovereignty

Article excerpt

Byline: Hon Ald VERA JONES MBE

Sir, - So the five market traders known as 'the metric martyrs' have lost their High Court battle for the legal right to trade in pounds and ounces.

In making this decision, a thousand years of British sovereignty and democracy was wiped out and the British Parliament was turned into a talking shop without power or influence.

For years, supporters of the European Union, ministers, prime ministers and their hangers-on have obfuscated and even lied to cover up their real intentions to tag this country onto its continental neighbours. This amounted to treachery. Our proud, brave little country didn't fight two world wars to be swamped in the soggy mess that is now the EU. Our brothers, fathers and grandfathers didn't fight for that.

Nearly 27 years ago, in June 1975, the West Bromwich Labour agent, Peter Killean, and I worked together to get a 'yes' vote in the referendum that was held for Britain to continue as a member of the Common Market. We were eager to exchange trade and industry for the bullet and the bomb. Perhaps looking back, we were naive and innocent. …