Bid to Give Pay Raises to Library Employees Raises Some Eyebrows Staff Pay, Benefits Would Jump about 9 Percent

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Byline: Susan Stevens Daily Herald Staff Writer

A request for pay raises for Naperville library employees is raising a few eyebrows on the city council, which is struggling to balance a budget with declining revenues.

If the request is approved, preliminary estimates indicate library employees would receive a 9 percent raise in pay and benefits.

"I don't think any of our employees should expect a 9 percent bump," Councilman David Fiore said Monday, when the council met to review budget proposals. "It's not going to happen this year."

Libraries Director Donna Dziedzic said a recent market study indicates 84 percent of Naperville's library employees are underpaid compared to surrounding libraries.

City council members asked to see the study. They also want library officials to write a more detailed report explaining how they will spend the additional $544,000 they are requesting to cover salaries and benefits - including higher insurance costs - in the coming fiscal year.

In their budget request, library officials grouped all the salary and benefits costs under one line and did not separate various categories.

Library officials still must calculate the size of the market- adjustment raises, said Marcia Lebeau, assistant director of administrative services for the Naperville libraries. …