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25Years Ago Powers to improve industrial areas of Birmingham, including demolishing old buildings, improving factories and a general smartening up may be sought by the city council. Mr Graham Shaylor, the city's planning chief, is recommending the city seeks these powers in the proposed West Midlands County Council General Powers Bill, due to be promoted in Parliament in the 1977-8 session.

The Birmingham Post, February 1977

50Years Ago Young people riding on main roads on pedal cycles stripped down for cycle speedway racing were courting danger, Mr C Illiffe, the Coventry coroner, said yesterday when a verdict of 'Accidental Death' was returned on Arthur Mann (15) of Canley, Coventry, who was fatally injured as a result of a collision with a lorry. The machine, stripped down for racing purposes but used by the boy to get to work, had a free-wheel gear, no back brake and the wrong type of front brake.

The Birmingham Post, February 1952

100Years Ago William Brennan, of no fixed abode was committed to the Quarter Sessions on a charge of stealing some ham from the shop of Messrs Pearks & Company, Jamaica Row. Brennan was arrested by police with the ham and a breast of mutton in his possession. The ham was identified by the manager for Messrs Pearks, but police are still seeking information as to the ownership of the mutton.

The Birmingham Daily Post, February 1902

1982: Death of American actor and comedian John Belushi. …