Lively Seaside Town an Ideal Place to Study for a PGCE; TEACHING: Study at the Old College in the Shadow of T E Ellis

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"Those who can teach; those with ambition do it at Aberystwyth" The PGCE - History PGCE students 2002.

"Aber, because of its location alone, must be a top choice."

- Virgin Guide 2001.

TEACHERS awarded a 3.5pc salary increase as from April 2002. A new teacher's starting salary is now pounds 17,628. This could rise to pounds 25,746 within five years at which point a teacher could apply for increased payments bringing the salary up to pounds 27,894. Special scales for allowances recognise the effective classroom teacher, with salary potential of over pounds 40,000.

Teachers with strategic management responsibilities - head teachers, deputies and assistant heads can be earning from over pounds 30,000 to pounds 80,000.

There is now a professional body for teachers in Wales - The General Teaching Council for Wales. As a result there are increasing opportunities for funded individually-focused professional development (eg.

teachers can apply for special GTCW bursaries) as well as a wide range of training courses and postgraduate programmes.

PGCE students on primary and secondary courses are eligible for the training grant of pounds 6,000 paid monthly during the course (tax free).

A teaching grant of pounds 4,000 will then be paid to those who successfully complete their first year of teaching - English, drama, modern foreign languages, sciences and Welsh. This will be paid as a lump sum on entry into the second year of teaching. These sums also apply to the innovative Open Distance Learning PGCE courses at Aberystwyth available in both modern foreign languages and Welsh at Aberystwyth.

For those wishing to improve their Welsh language skills before embarking on a PGCE, there are special short courses available and grants of pounds 1,200.

The Teaching Profession in Wales - The induction year will be introduced in Wales from September 2003.

This will be a supportive period for newly qualified teachers and very much laying the foundation for ongoing professional development.

The National Assembly for Wales has recently issued a policy document The Learning Country, a plan for education and learning in Wales over the next decade.

History Welsh-medium PGCE group.

AS a group we have enjoyed our experience here at Aber very much. We have experienced a wide range of teaching styles in a supportive and happy group. We also had a wide choice of subjects which we could pursue as options.

The ICT and library facilities here at Aber are superb and the staff are professional and friendly. There is an extensive choice of schools throughout Wales where you can do your teaching practices. …