Monday Books: How Much Does Prayer Affect Our Experiences?; the Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden Decoding Our Future through the Lost Science of Prophecy Crown Publishing Group, Pounds 12

Article excerpt

Byline: Daphne Abernethy

SEVENTEEN hundred years ago, key elements of our ancient heritage were lost, relegated to the esoteric traditions of mystery schools and sacred orders.

Among the most empowering of the forgotten elements are references to a science with the power to bring everlasting healing to our bodies and initiate an unprecedented era of peace and co-operation between governments and nations.

In his ground-breaking new book, The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden turns to the Isaiah Scroll, which he considers to be the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1946, to offer insight into a powerful but largely forgotten form of ancient prayer.

In addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls, evidence is presented from the ancient Tibetan, Mayan and Hopi cultures, among others, to show that this pattern extends into prophetic literature and sacred traditions beyond that of the Bible.

The author also takes us further into the dynamics of prayer that were outlined in his book, Walking Between the Worlds, and expounds more upon his fascinating examinations of its mediating relationship to DNA and quantum reality.

While familiarity with that earlier work can be helpful to understanding these ideas, they are so skillfully summarized here that it is not absolutely necessary. …