Major Review of Training and Education for People in Rural Industries; ELWA: Organisation Will Work with Partners to Take a Look at Current Provision for Agricultural and Land-Based Sectors

Article excerpt

A MAJOR review of vocational training and education for the agricultural and land-based sectors in Wales has begun.

Over the coming months, training and education organisation Elwa (Education and Learning Wales) will be working with partners to take a close look at current provision to see if it matches the predicted future learning needs of both the sectors and individuals.

The review will explore how Elwa, providers and the industries can work together more effectively to provide vocational training and education for new entrants and lifelong learning for those already employed in the rural industries.

Working alongside the new Farming Connect services recently launched to provide support to farmers across Wales, the review comes at a crucial time with agriculture undergoing fundamental change.

Elwa aims to bring together relevant partners from the agricultural and land-based sectors, including businesses, networks and communities, with learning providers and other public sector bodies to develop joint agreements and an action plan.

A steering group is being formed to oversee the review, which will take into account recent skills research work undertaken by Future Skills Wales, Lantra and the former Mid Wales Tec.

Key issues facing the steering group include widening participation and encouraging young people to take-up formal training, tackling both financial and geographical barriers to learning and supporting skills development. …