Conference Will Focus on Importance of Achieving Quality and Safety; FOOD INDUSTRY: Shropshire College Invites Panel of Experts to Address People Invloved in the Production, Manufacturing and Sale of Food

Article excerpt

A NATIONAL food chain conference on "Quality, Safety and the Future" will take place at Harper Adams University College, Shropshire, next month.

Organisers believe that the focus of the Harper Adams Food Chain Conference 2002, which takes place on April 9, and its array of distinguished speakers will make the event vital to anyone who is concerned or involved with issues of quality and safety in the production, manufacturing and sale of food.

Ralph Early, senior lecturer and food specialist at Harper Adams University College, the UK's largest specialist institution of higher education for the land and food-based industries said, "A significant feature of society today is the way people have become dependent on the food industry, supermarkets and caterers for their food.

"As cooking in the home is being replaced by food preparation in factories and fast-food restaurants, concerns are being raised at official levels about the quality and safety of food. Such concerns are not without justification, as it was recently reported that more than five-and-a-half million people suffer food poisoning each year.

"On the whole, the food industry is highly professional and works hard to provide food which is good quality and safe to eat, but the industry itself recognises there is always room for improvement.

With the increasing industrialisation and globalisation of the food supply, and developments such as genetically-modified food, new problems will arise in matters of food quality and safety.

"The Harper Adams Food Chain Conference 2002 on Quality, Safety and the Future is being held to provide a forum at which an eminent panel of speakers, from the food industry and academia, will consider matters of food quality and safety and discuss how the industry can learn from the past to tackle more confidently the challenges of the future. …