Driving Home the Safety Message to Children; EDUCATION: Youth Liaison Officers Spread the Word with Help on the Beat from Bobby the Car

Article excerpt

FOR the past 10 years Bobby the Car has been teaching road safety at schools in the area.

Bobby is a remote-controlled car, which is used to promote the road safety message in a memorable, unique and funny way.

With his cartoon eyes, nose and smiling mouth, he presents a positive and friendly image to the young and is perfect for teaching children. He can communicate with them at their eye level, and with his siren and flashing lights, he is highly visible.

A presentation is given to the children, involving role-play using the Green Cross Code and singing in a light-hearted way the Bobby song, Stop, Look and Listen which reinforces general road safety principles in a way that children find amusing.

The presentations are adapted to incorporate relevant campaigns.

Starting in October and running through the darker months these will include the Be Seen, Be Safeand Stranger Danger messages.

Bobby's colouring sheets and stickers are left at schools as a reminder of Bobby's important message.

School visits occur during term time, and three schools per day, throughout the Force area, get a visit from the youth liaison officer and of course Bobby. …