The Nation Remembers

Article excerpt

THE Queen Mother's close friend Lord St John of Fawsley said the British people had "lost our most treasured national person".

He said she was not simply a historical figure: "She was history."

"She spanned all the years of the 20th century with its triumphs, horrors, lights and shadows.

"At our darkest hour of all time, in 1940, she helped to turn it into our finest, " he said.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales spoke for churchmen across the country in thanking God for the long and special life.

The Archbishop, Dr George Carey, leader of the Church of England, expressed his sorrow and sense of profound loss following the Queen Mother's death.

He said: "We are all the poorer because this gracious lady has been taken from us.

"Her unfailing dignity, devotion to duty and charm have been a precious part of our national life for as long as most of us can remember."

Dr Carey spoke of her "deep and sustaining faith".

"Even as we mourn her passing, we commend her confidently to God's keeping and give thanks to him for the very special contribution she made to the life of the nation and around the world."

Cardinal Cormac MurphyO'Connor, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, and leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, said: "The whole nation and beyond will mourn a great and gracious lady. …