Social and Cultural Dimensions of Health. (Fellowships, Grants & Awards)

Article excerpt

Social scientists have made significant strides in shedding light on the basic social and cultural structures and processes that influence health. Social and cultural factors influence health by affecting exposure and vulnerability to disease, risk-taking behaviors, the effectiveness of health promotion efforts, and access to, availability of, and quality of health care. Social and cultural factors also play a role in shaping perceptions of and responses to health problems and the impact of poor health on individuals' lives and wellbeing. In addition, such factors contribute to understanding societal and population processes such as current and changing rates of morbidity, survival, and mortality. Consequently, social science research should be integrated into interdisciplinary, multilevel studies of health. Linking research from the macrosocietal levels, through behavioral and psychological levels, to the biology of disease will provide the integrative health research necessary to filly understand health and illness.

This PA invites applications for research on the social and cultural dimensions of health in the five following areas: 1) basic social and cultural constructs and processes used in health research, 2) etiology of health and illness, 3) consequences of poor health for individuals and social groups, 4) linking science to practice to improve prevention, treatment, health services, and dissemination, and 5) ethical issues in social and cultural research. …