JONSSON'S BABY ISLE; Ulrika and Bo Slap on Sun Block and Soak Up Rays on Barbados

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THE outlook is a whole lot brighter for one-time weather girl Ulrika Jonsson and her daughter Bo as they relax on a white sandy beach in Barbados.

The telly star has not had her woes to seek in recent years.

Bo was diagnosed with heart problems while in the womb, then the baby's father Marcus Kempen walked out on Ulrika as she recovered from giving birth in hospital.

But as these pictures show, Ulrika has found true happiness as a single mum.

Who needs men when mum and daughter can spend such a happy afternoon on the beach ?

Little Bo looks in good health and she has taken after her mum with the same distinctive blond locks.

And curvy Ulrika is showing that, at 35, she still has a figure that can turn heads.

But Ulrika has had no luck with men since her marriage to cameraman John Turnbull hit the rocks.

Although the couple had a son, Cameron, now seven, Turnbull walked out after details of Ulrika's affair with Gladiators star Hunter hit the headlines. …