Watchdog: EXPERTS AT HAND: Citizens Advice Bureau - Don't Be Driven to Despair

Article excerpt

MS Z visited her local CAB for a list of reliable local garages. She had taken her car to be fixed before and, with very little mechanical knowledge, always felt she was likely to be ripped off.

CAB explained that they were not able to recommend particular garages. However, they were able to offer some general advice on getting a car fixed painlessly. Most professional mechanics are honest and professional, but some may overcharge or provide a poor service.

To guard against falling victim to unscrupulous traders, use word of mouth, insurance company recommendations or registration to the RAC, AA or Motor Industry Code of Practice to help you choose a reputable one.

Shop around and don't hesitate to get a second opinion or quote. You are under no legal obligation to have work done just because your car has been examined.

Check that parts and work are guaranteed and always request an itemised quote.

If there is a problem ask for a full explanation and ask questions if you do not understand. …