Des Plaines Split on Higher Parking Fines

Article excerpt

Byline: Amy McLaughlin Daily Herald Staff Writer

Motorists in Des Plaines will get a temporary break from having to pay higher parking fines because aldermen couldn't agree on penalties for exceeding hourly limits.

All parking fines will stay the same until city officials come up with a fine schedule that satisfies aldermen who were worried that increasing the hourly fines would be detrimental for downtown shop owners.

There were also several aldermen who said leaving what is currently a $3 fine for exceeding hourly limits alone would just encourage people to stay all day in downtown parking spots.

Fifth Ward Alderman Carla Brookman said she opposed all of the fine increases, saying they were hostile to residents. Eighth Ward Alderman Rosemary Argus said she supported raising the penalty fines.

But several others supported the increases, except when it came to the hourly rates.

An effort by 6th Ward Alderman Tom Becker to take the hourly fines out of the sweeping set of parking penalty increases failed by a 4-2 vote.

When it came time to vote on the entire set of penalty increases, Mayor Tony Arredia had to break a tie by voting against the increases. …