High Performers Show How They Get It Right; ROLE MODELS: Good Practice Learnt by Observation

Article excerpt

SHARING the secrets of success between businesses from different sectors will prove vital to the task of raising management standards, says Wales Management Council.

WMC along with its partner the Wales Quality Centre recently completed the latest phase of a programme, Inside Welsh Industry, which enables business people to visit high performing companies to see at first hand how they run their operations.

It covered businesses from a range of sectors, including manufacturers, hi-tech design companies, business and personal service sectors, the hospitality and leisure industries and the public sector.

They ranged in size from a few dozen to several hundred employees, and were chosen as they represented good practice in eight key areas of business: overall strategy, people development, supply-chain partnerships, production processes, customer care, environmental practices, continuous improvement, and business growth.

Thirty role models opened their doors for the exercise and hundreds of senior managers seized the chance to observe these examples of good practice in action.

It is hoped that these fact-finding visits, combined with followup support to help the visitors apply the lessons learnt in their own businesses, will ultimately have a positive impact on the Welsh economy as a whole. …