Glen Ellyn Receives Note of Thanks for Relief Fund Efforts

Article excerpt

Glen Ellyn leaders recently received thanks from Glen Ridge, a small borough outside New York City that lost three residents Sept. 11.

In the weeks following the terrorist attack, Glen Ellyn village employees teamed up with the Village Links golf course to generate $26,000 to give to relief funds.

Of the money, $10,000 went to the Glen Ridge Victims Fund. The remainder went to The Beamer Foundation and the Sept. 11 Children's Fund.

The destination of Glen Ridge was suggested by David Buckley, native of Glen Ridge, who has lived in Glen Ellyn for more than a decade.

Buckley, an assistant superintendent at the golf course, noted some similarities between Glen Ellyn and Glen Ridge, such as residential areas lined by mature trees and a large population that commutes into the city to work.

"I felt it was a chance to help similar towns in need," he said.

Glen Ridge Mayor Steven Plate sent village trustees a letter thanking them for their donation, which doubled the money in the town's relief fund.

Plate, an engineer who worked on the 82nd floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center, said his town's sense of community has been extended beyond traditional boundaries.

"No words can explain the sense of loss I felt as I stood on the ferry crossing the Hudson River watching the second plane crash into the World Trade Center Tower Two," Plate wrote. "I knew, along with those around me, that friends and co-workers were perishing as we watched."

Glen Ellyn Village President Greg Mathews said residents should be proud their village was able to help others.

"It's really a tribute to the residents of the community," Mathews said. "I thought that was a remarkable letter to receive from folks we don't know personally."

Fooling readers?: You can't judge a book by a cover. But, still, a pretty cover can't hurt.

Lombard's proposed spending plan for the 2002-2003 fiscal year has a colorful front cover depicting a shot of purple tulips.

It's the latest in a string of flashy covers Lombard has put on its budget documents. Last year's budget cover showed an aerial shot of the south part of the town.

Lombard has already received awards for what it puts between the covers. But Len Flood, the village's finance director, said a nice cover completes the presentation.

"We want to do things professionally," Flood said. "Lombard is a $63 million dollar corporation, and the information we produce for the public should reflect that."

Melissa Mundt, management analyst for the finance department, got the task of finding the picture for the cover. She found it among a set of photographs that came with her printing software.

She said she liked the tulip photograph because it reminded her of Lilac Time, Lombard's annual festival. Both tulips and lilacs are displayed during the event at Lilacia Park. …