Health Zone: Tips from the Top Eye Opener; Most of Us Take Our Eyesight for Granted - and Yet It's All Too Easy to Damage or Strain the Eyes, Badly Affecting Vision. LIANNE KOLIRIN Sees What Experts Recommend to Keep Our Peepers in Tip-Top Condition

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Eye surgeon

Retired eye surgeon Robert Youngson, the author of Everything You Need To Know About Your Eyes, says computer users need to be careful.

"Computers don't damage your eyes by emitting harmful rays, but if the monitor is too far away, you are likely to screw up and strain your eyes and give yourself a headache.

"Never use a monitor that is less than 17 inches wide, and

enlarge the font size.

"Adjust the brightness to a suitable level and don't have a light shining on the screen."


Optometrist Bill Harvey, clinical editor of Optician magazine, says cutting out cigarettes can boost your eye health.

"Smoking is a complete no-no for your eyes. It can lead to macular degeneration,

a condition which scars the retina in old age. Give up and you'll also be less likely to get cataracts, when lenses become clouded.

"Both macular degeneration and cataracts - the most common causes of sight loss in old age - are also caused by UV exposure. Reduce the risk by wearing a good quality pair of British or EU standard sunglasses with UV filters.

"It's just as important to pro

tect your eyes from glare as it is to wear sunblock. …