'They Are Saying This Guy Can Do for Everton What Shankly Did for Liverpool' - BILL KENWRIGHT

Article excerpt


FOR any new manager, there is nothing quite like the chairman setting an achievable target.

Everton's Bill Kenwright, however, has set Davie Moyes nothing like an achievable target.

The theatre impresario, given to grand speeches worthy of his leading man on Broadway, wants Moyes to emulate the most successful Scot in Merseyside managerial history - and he is not talking Walter Smith, Graeme Souness or even Kenny Dalglish.

'They are saying now that Davie can do for Everton what Bill Shankly did for Liverpool - and, after all, Shankly came to Anfield from Preston as well,' purred Kenwright.

When Sportsmail put it to the Goodison chairman that he was possibly setting a target higher than the Liver Building which dominates the Liverpool skyline, he gushed: 'This guy doesn't deal in small targets, I can tell you.

'From the moment I met Davie I was struck by his ambition and his remarkable energy, which just transmits itself to everyone in the room.

'There is a scene in the Tom Cruise movie Jerry Maguire which reminds me of meeting Davie first.

'Cruise has been away from home for three months and his wife is having a girls' night when he returns.

'He starts off saying: "Hello, I'm sorry about what happened ..." and goes into a ten-minute apology.

'She says: "You had me at hello".

'Davie had me at hello, as well, and, by the way, he was Walter Smith's choice for the job.' Kenwright pulled the rug from under Smith four games ago and it is almost as if he still can't believe he actually sacked the man with whom he professes to still be friendly. …