Generous Staff and Children Help Others; Education Focus

Article excerpt

Byline: Louise Day

PUPILS from across Bridgend county have helped to raise a record amount of money to help children in developing countries.

And in doing so they have learnt more about what life is like for their fellow children in poverty-stricken nations.

Up to 39 primary schools took part in the fundraiser, organised by Bridgend County Council's catering services department.

Kitchen staff took time to prepare cakes and drinks for all pupils and staff, and they were sold for 20 pence.

They helped bring in a total of pounds 1,784 - the most raised by the event in three years - all of which was donated to the charity Concern, which provides food for children in poorer countries to help in their development.

One of the schools who took part in the event was Tremains Junior, in Brackla, near Bridgend.

Headteacher Jane Williams said the fundraiser provided staff with an opportunity to educate pupils about the importance of nutrition as well as about other countries.

She said: "We held an assembly about the importance of food and nutrition and how children in certain parts of the world don't have the same opportunities as we have. …