RIO DOH JANEIRO; Brazil's President to Sue after Homer Insults City and Its Famous Beach

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CULT cartoon family the Simpsons are in trouble again after upsetting the Brazilians and sparking a doh-plomatic incident.

Following in the footsteps of Simpsons shows which have poked fun at the French, Australians and Japanese, a new episode shows Rio de Janeiro as dangerous, sleazy and filthy.

But Brazilian tourist chiefs are furious at what they see as a slur on the city and their country.

They are considering suing the makers of the award-winning satirical show and have instructed lawyers to see the offending episode.

They fear the cruel jibes could wreck their pounds 12million bid to tempt more tourists from the United States.

Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso has even entered the row, saying the cartoon "brought a distorted vision of Brazilian reality".

In the show, seen by millions of Americans last week and to be shown on Sky TV here soon, the Simpsons - dad Homer, mum Marge, son Bart and daughters Lisa and Maggie - go to Rio in search of an orphan who Lisa has sponsored.

But the family finds Rio is far from the destination Brazilian tourism brochures would like to portray it as:

All the men are bisexual

Homer is kidnapped

Tourists are mugged by children

Bart watches a children's TV show presented by a semi-naked blonde stripper

And the family runs across rat-infested streets.

When they find the orphan in the show - titled Blame It On Lisa - he has grown rich working in TV and pays Homer's ransom. …