Carol@mirror.Co.Uk: KIDS Win a Top PC Worth Pounds 1,300; FIRST PRIZE Latest Advent PC with DVD and CD/RW Drive SECOND PRIZE Apple's Amazing iPod Which Will Store Up to 2,000 Music Titles THIRD PRIZE the Latest Palm Pilot M515 with Colour Screen PLUS 10 BRILLIANT ADOBE IMAGING SOFTWARE SUITES

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GET your thinking caps on! Here's your chance to win some serious gear.

All over Britain today PC World is launching Computer Show 2002 - an amazing in-store technology exhibition.

The show will turn its 104 stores nationwide into a showroom of the future where you can check out the fastest PCs, find out how to set up better networking, and get a good look at some of the best new gadgets and gizmos.

You'll see the latest gaming devices such as the Xbox or the new Bluetooth 'wireless' technology and all the newest PC and console equipment.

And to celebrate this futuristic spectacular, we've teamed up with PC World to offer kids the chance to tell us what they think will be the can't-live-without-it technology of the future - and win some great prizes in the process

Nowadays you can send instant pictures to your penpal in Tokyo, order flowers for your gran on the internet and play games with an e-pal in Rio de Janeiro.

But what of the future? What do you think PC World will be selling in ten years' time?

Wouldn't it be great if computers could do all your homework?

Or what if you could programme the VCR from your mobile phone? And how brilliant would it be if you could actually become part of a computer game?

All youngsters have to do for the chance to win some fab hi-tech prizes is write down what they think should be on the shelves at PC World in years to come, in no more than 500 words.

Images or drawings to accompany ideas and really bring them to life are very welcome.

The wackier and crazier the ideas, the better, so this is an opportunity to have some fun and let your imaginations run wild. Over the next two weeks we will be judging the entries on behalf of PC World and will announce the winners soon. …