Development Council Needs Your Help in Honoring Unsung Heroes

Article excerpt

Byline: Eric Peterson

Though the Barrington Area Development Council has been recognizing the selfless acts of residents for 28 years, there are always more local heroes and heroines out there whose otherwise praiseworthy accomplishments have managed to go unsung.

And so, BADC officials are on the lookout once again to find a man or woman whose service to the community should be honored this year as an inspiration to others.

Often, it's no accident that such service has gone on for a long time by individuals who find reward in the task itself and not in the publicity it may win them. They take satisfaction in knowing the good their deeds are doing, not needing the reinforcement of others.

But how much better if their lives of service could serve as examples, resulting in more people helping others and their community?

And so, BADC is asking for your help in pinpointing those whose work has perhaps avoided the limelight, but which has nevertheless had a positive impact on the Barrington area.

Nominees often come from, among many others, categories such as business, conservation, education, health care, historic preservation, public service, transportation and youth work.

Nominations should be sent to BADC/ Community Service Award/ P.O. Box 72/ Barrington, IL 60010.

All nominations must include the name of the nominee, a short description of the nominee's accomplishments and the name and address of the person making the nomination.

The nominations must be received by April 27 for consideration of the award to be presented at BADC's annual meeting May 14.

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