Officer, Resource Center Earn Crime Stoppers Award

Article excerpt

Byline: Erin Holmes

The accolades keep rolling in ... the city's police department received two awards from the Cook County Crime Stoppers at a recent luncheon in the Loop.

Officer Mark Mrozek, a 12-year veteran of the department, received the agency's Public Sector Award for his dedication and excellence in the area of crime prevention, and the city's hailed Police Neighborhood Resource Center also picked up a Public Sector Award for excellence in providing public service to city residents. Among the programs Mrozek's been involved with (take a deep breath!): the after-school program, babysitting education, bicycle safety, block party program, child seat safety inspection, domestic violence awareness, holiday gift program, neighborhood watch and prom alcohol awareness.

The PNRC opened in 1990 when two police officers began staffing an apartment/sub-station in a predominantly Hispanic complex on the south side of the city. Since then, it's evolved into a network of public and private partnerships that provide an alternative to crime, gangs and violence.

This year marked the 27th annual Crime Stoppers awards luncheon, which recognizes people and programs that have proven especially effective in bringing together residents, law enforcement agencies, businesses and the media to fight felony-level crime. John Pearson, a sergeant and the press liaison for the department, sent me the information on the latest honors - and a disclaimer:

"Sorry to be bombarding you with our achievements," he wrote. (It should be noted he'd recently informed me that investigator Tom Gadomski had earned the title of Officer of the Year for the Major Case Assistance Team.) "But hey, when you've got great people I guess it's bound to happen."

Can't argue with that one.

Traffic crunch: It's that time of year again. Ah, the joys of the summer construction season. …