Dist. 214 Workers Win $150,000 in Big Game

Article excerpt

Byline: Lisa Hanson Daily Herald Staff Writer

Jokes and joy spread throughout Northwest Suburban High School District 214 Wednesday after a group of 20 employees discovered they had won some of the $331 million Big Game money, the second- largest jackpot in U.S. history.

"Tell the boss I won the lottery," joked Alan VanBladel, a carpenter for the district. "He can move 25 sheets of drywall by himself."

One ticket from the group's pool of 200 matched the five white balls, awarding them a second-place prize of $150,000. Each winner will take home about $5,000.

The District 214 lottery winners, including maintenance and custodial workers, live in the Northwest suburbs, DuPage County and Wisconsin.

They will face the tax man first. Max Montgomery, a spokesman for the Illinois State Lottery, said about 31 percent will go to state and federal taxes.

But the winners didn't focus on the money being taken away. They thought about the money as a gift that would help plan for their children's futures.

Steve Chesser, a carpenter for the district, is putting the money away for his children, ages 6, 9 and 12.

"The money is going to the kids' college funds," Chesser said.

For most, there will be no cruises to the Bahamas or trips to Europe. Instead, the money will be used for practical things. …