Double Treat in Store for Algonquin

Article excerpt

Byline: Patrick Garmoe Daily Herald Staff Writer

It's a classic story: A set of characters persevere through trials and tribulations, and everything turns out just fine in the end.

The characters in this drama are the staff of Algonquin's public library and the library board. The trials are ongoing. But Lynn Hammerlund, Algonquin library board president, already predicts Algonquin residents will live happily ever after once they lay eyes on the renovated Eastgate library.

That's because, though the library at 115 Eastgate Drive is now not expected to officially open until late September at the earliest, Hammerlund said it will be even better than originally planned.

Costs to build and get the main branch library at 2600 Harnish Road on Algonquin's west side operating ended up being less expensive than library officials anticipated. The project came in under projections in almost every category, said Randy Vlcek, Algonquin library district administrator.

That means there is an additional $900,000 for renovations to the Eastgate location on the east side of Algonquin. The $900,000 came from money saved on the Harnish branch, plus interest.

Now the approximately 10,000 square-foot Eastgate branch will get a $2.1 million face lift, instead of the original $1.2 million.

The money to help run the west branch and to renovate the east branch came from an April 2001 referendum that generates about $440,000 a year.

Instead of just slapping on a new coat of paint and changing the carpet, Vlcek said, visitors to the renovated east side library will now walk into an entirely redone building. …