Campaign of Civil Disobedience Urged; LANGUAGE: Policy of Political Lobbying Has Failed, Says Pressure Group Founder

Article excerpt

THE Welsh-language pressure group Cymuned is holding its first annual general meeting today, with a debate expected on whether it should begin a campaign of civil disobedience.

So far the group has focused on a political lobbying campaign to achieve its aim of protecting the Welsh-language heartlands, including meetings with AMs and giving evidence to Assembly committees.

The leadership has consciously sought to avoid the kind of tactics employed by Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg.

But with the membership expected to vote in favour of civil disobedience it now appears that the consensus within the group has broken down and there is a move to raise the profile of the organisation.

The motion to be voted on at Harlech today reads, "Cymuned believes that civil disobedience is justified in a political system where minorities, and the right of a minority to exist, are ignored. Bearing this in mind, the annual general meeting is of the opinion that Cymuned should be prepared to consider adopting civil disobedience when appropriate. …