Local Native Wins Acclaim in Archaeology

Article excerpt

Byline: Betty Ruwitch

We have a local celebrity right in our own back yard. The April issue of National Geographic magazine features an article entitled "Yucatan's Mysterious Hill Cities." On page 62 is a picture of archaeologist Michael Smyth, who grew up on the shores of Third Lake.

Michael Smyth was born in 1957 and attended Avon School. At that time, Avon was a kindergarten through eighth-grade building and a district of its own. Each year Avon held one of the best science fairs in Lake County. Smyth was in junior high when he did a project for the fair on King Tut's tomb. He didn't win any prizes that year but he never lost his fascination with science.

After graduating from Grayslake Community High School, Smyth went on to Chicago's Roosevelt University on a music scholarship and received a degree in violin performance. Smyth was required to take some electives at Roosevelt so he returned to his love of archaeology.

Smyth continued his education at the University of New Mexico, attaining both a master's degree and a doctorate in anthropology with an emphasis on archaeology. …