THEY WANT TO KILL ME; Former BNP Official Tells of Death Threats after He Hit out.(News)

Article excerpt


A FORMER top official of the right-wing British National Party said last night: 'I have become an assassination target.'

Simon Smith, one-time elections officer for the Midlands, said he had received death threats since lifting the lid on the chilling activities of the extremist group.

He added: 'I realised what would happen when I went public. Having been part of the right-wing, I know exactly how it works.

'I am taking precautions to protect my personal safety, but I am not running away from intimidation and death threats.

'You have to make a stand in life, otherwise people walk all over you.'

Mr Smith, who was also the party's former press officer, said the death threats had been made to him by telephone and e-mail.

The police are also aware of him being on a hit list, he said.

Mr Smith, 33, exposed the activities of the BNP in an exclusive article in the Sunday Mercury three weeks ago.

At the time, we agreed to his request to remain anonymous because of his fears for his life as a result of the expos.

But he has since agreed to his identity being revealed.

Mr Smith, who quit the BNP because he was sickened by its policies, revealed in the Sunday Mercury that party activists were arming themselves with guns to prepare for a race war. …