Trust Chief Stands by Social Workers Who Handled Case

Article excerpt

THE head of the Down Lisburn Trust last night defended Social Services' handling of the case of tragic Jasmine McGowan.

John Compton, chief executive of the Down Lisburn Trust, said they had been actively involved with the family and had no indication that the baby's life was in danger - even though a social worker visited the Twinbrook flat hours before she died.

Mr Compton, who was executive director for social work at the time of Jasmine's death, said: ''All Trust staff, in health visiting and social work, who were involved with the family were shocked and deeply distressed by the fact of her death.

''I feel it is important to say that our information and contacts with the family gave absolutely no indication Jasmine's life was in danger.

''Trust staff were actively involved with the family, providing support to them.''

Mr Compton said that, in the light of the 14-week-old's death, the Trust is continuing to review the circumstances in detail.

''The objective is to learn from this tragedy to enable us and others to further protect other children who may be at risk,'' he said.

''The review which has examined the facts surrounding Jasmine's death did not reveal any serious breaches in professional practice. …