UFU: Pollution Laws to Hit Poultry Sector; Commodity Watch

Article excerpt

IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) is a major new piece of environmental legislation that will have a significant impact on Northern Ireland's poultry industry. UFU Poultry Secretary Aileen Smith explains the background.

IPPC aims to control the effects of larger poultry units on the environment by preventing, or if this is not practical, reducing emissions to the air, water and land.

It also promotes the careful use of resources such as water and electricity.

Only installations that have places for 40,000 or more birds will be subject to the regulations and will have to apply for a permit to operate under IPPC.

The Environment and Heritage Service estimate that around 110 poultry units will be effected by this new legislation in Northern Ireland.

To obtain a permit, farmers will have to demonstrate that they are operating according to the principles of IPPC.

Therefore they must:

l Take all preventative measures against pollution and cause no significant levels of pollution;

l Minimise and ensure the suitable disposal of waste;

l Use energy efficiently;

l Restore the site on cessation of operations;

l Take measures to prevent environmental accidents.

Farmers must be able to demonstrate the use of Best Available Techniques (BAT).

The Standard Farming Installation Rules that have been drawn up, will help to explain what constitutes BAT.

These rules form a framework which should make the application process simpler. …