NI Pedigree Cattle On-Line

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A SOUTH Down schoolteacher, currently on a career break, is launching pedigree cattle for

Patrick Savage, of Cullyhanna, Newry, said that the quality of cattle in Northern Ireland has never been greater.

"Pedigree breeders are producing cattle of the highest standard which are in great demand, not only at home but throughout England, Scotland and Wales," he said.

"However, the individual breeder may not be fully benefiting from the excellence of his product. Every business needs to make as possible awae of its product."

Mr Savage said that the breeder needed two things. Firstly, he needed to be able to describe the animal to thousands of potential customers just like he would to someone in his own farmyard. He needed to be able to show the animal to the customer.

Secondly, the above must be done in a practical, manageable and cost- effective way.

"Every month, more farmers are using the Internet for their business," he said. "Certainly, this is more common among younger farmers, better- educated farmers and those with large farms, but there is a constant rise across the board.

"While farmers surfing the net will find pedigree cattle for very quickly we recognise that many farmers do not use the Internet in this way. There is, therefore, a need to publicise out website to ensure that the maximum number of farmers use it. The farming press will be used to make pedigree cattle for a catchphrase throughout the farming community. Research has shown that, while some farmers take little interest in the Internet, when they hear of something useful on it, they will ask another family member to check in out."

He added: "We see pedigree cattle for as an exciting opportunity for pedigree breeders to modernise and update the way they communicate with this customers.

"No business person turns down a chance to increase the number of potential customers. We believe pedigree cattle for is the marketing way of the future for cattle breeders because of its low cost, its efficiency but, most of all, because of its ability to provide a service of excellence for those who have often dedicated their lives to producing animals that deserve to be seen by more people than happens at present. …