Should Gays Be Ordained priests?(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

THE disgraceful issue about Catholic priests in the USA charged with pedophilia or the sexual abuse of minors can be attributed to the US and Western European culture which condemns any discrimination on the basis of sex, including against homosexuals.

This is the finding of Fr. Joaquin Ferrer, SVD, presently doing his doctorate studies in Chicago, in an article entitled, "The Gift of Priesthood and Consecrated Chastity for the 21st Century: Misleading Profiling of Alleged Priests as Pedophiles."

* * *

"Priestly formation houses in the US, in recent years," Fr. Ferrer notes in the article, "have attracted many candidates with homosexual orientation. Homosexual priests and seminarians are now openly coming out in public."

Asian countries, like the Philippines, do not have the same tolerant attitude to homosexual priests as in Western countries. Although some gay seminarians may have made it to the priesthood, in recent years some seminaries have made it as internal policy not to accept aspirants who have homosexual tendencies.

This is due mainly to some sexual abuses similar to what have happened in the US.

* * *

In the Philippines, sex scandals involving pedophile priests are not well-publicized and the victims and relatives are not as aggressive in filing lawsuits as in the US.

More common in the Philippines, to my mind, are misconducts involving liaison with women. If a priest had an affair with a woman but sincerely wants to continue in the ministry, some arrangements are made which includes alimony or financial support of the mother and child on the condition that the cleric cuts off the relationship altogether.

It's unfortunate, however, that there are cases wherein priests after breaking their vow of celibacy still continue in the ministry, carrying on the relationship.

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To the question: Should young men with homosexual tendencies be admitted to the seminary, and eventually to be ordained priests? …