Massey Models; AGCO's Increasing Commitment to the European Specialist Tractor Market

Article excerpt

AGCO is demonstrating an increasing commitment to the specialist tractor market with a steady succession of new Massey Ferguson specialist tractor launches and more are on the horizons.

The process first began in 2000 with the launch of the 80-91hp MF 3200 high clearance tractor range and the highly-successful 55-95hp MF 3300 vineyard, specialist and fruit tractor range. The MF 3300 has rapidly gained sales success throughout Europe.

Twenty-eight models and a huge range of specifications reflect the diversity of applications - from vineyard, orchard and nursery environments through to local councils, forestry and mining operations.

AGCO has now turned its attention to other tractors in the specialist field. Plans are now in place to launch a new generation of MF crawler tractors and also a new range of low horsepower agricultural compact tractors. In addition, the company also recently launched enhancements to the MF 2200 utility tractor range.

Plans are well-advanced for the launch of a new Massey Ferguson crawler tractor range later in 2002. The new range will include two new machines for vineyard and orchard applications and three machines for heavy draught open-field work.

The vineyard and orchard Massey Ferguson crawlers will be powered by the latest emissions-compliant Perkins 80 and 91 ISO hp engines. They have been specified to develop high torque and power and will offer an ideal power-to-weight ratio for vineyard and fruit applications especially in precipitous and difficult terrain. They will be fitted with low profile sheet metal and folding two-post ROPS allowing work in close proximity to valuable crops.

The Massey Ferguson crawlers designed for heavy draught open-field work will be powered by the same engines as their vineyard and fruit cousins plus a Perkins 95 ISO hp engine for the larger machine.

These will be heavier machines designed specifically for heavy draught open-field work and fitted with a rigid ROPS frame and vertical, side- mounted exhaust offering excellent visibility.

Both crawler ranges will be highly specified to suit specialist applications. They will, of course, use the Massey Ferguson track specification, long adopted as a standard by the industry.

The latest Massey Ferguson crawler range will also offer modern instrumentation, precise fingertip controls and an exceptionally comfortable and safe operator environment.

Charles Smith, AGCO's general product marketing manager, said: "Massey Ferguson has always have an excellent reputation for crawler tractors. We have always regarded the existing range of MF crawlers as the best in their class. We thought long and hard about how we would replace them and now we can confirm that we are well-advanced in the development of a range of new generation MF crawlers of which we can be proud."

AGCO has announced enhancements to its Massey Ferguson 2200 range of utility tractors, designed for specialist users who demand very cost-effective and versatile solutions.

The extended range now consists of the MF 2210, MF 2225 and MF 2235 models which are fitted with Perkins emissions-compliant three- or four-cylinder engines developing 55, 68 and 80 ISO hp respectively. …