District 220 Introduces New Reading Curriculum

Article excerpt

Byline: James Fuller Daily Herald Staff Writer

Barrington Unit District 220 school officials announced a new reading program and math emphasis for the coming school year Wednesday.

Superintendent Mary Herrmann, speaking at a community forum, said elementary schools will implement new reading and language arts curricula next year.

For the first time in years, elementary teachers will be able to give separate attention to children who are slower learners, she said. Those children will be put in different groups to help keep them from falling further behind their peers.

The reading curriculum is designed to provide a more balanced education, including literature and phonics at all the levels. Children in all elementary grades will focus on speaking, listening, writing and reading in equal levels.

The change comes in response to disparities in reading scores between grade levels shown in a recent district self-assessment.

Also coming next year is a strong push to prepare sixth and seventh graders for the introduction of algebra in eighth grade. Students are baptized with algebra in high school.

Herrmann announced that the new Sunny Hill and Roslyn Road school buildings have overcome initial construction quirks and will be completed on time, or nearly on time. …