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NASEEM Hamed was booed from the ring last night after winning the IBO featherweight title at the London Arena in Docklands.

Hamed dominated every round against Spain's Manuel Calvo but the crowd jeered from the end of round four.

Hundreds of fans started leaving the arena at the end of each round as Hamed, out of the ring for 13 months, showed he was ring rusty from the start.

Even when it was over and the former legend from Sheffield had been declared the new champion, hundreds stayed behind to jeer him.

There were screams of "refund, refund" from the end of round six and even Hamed looked embarrassed by his career-worst performance.

It is possible that Hamed took less than six or seven punches in the entire 12 rounds but there were long periods in rounds when neither boxer even bothered to throw a punch.

Even Hamed's long exile from the ring cannot possibly explain last night's truly atrocious and insulting performance. …