Carole Malone's Column: Why I Admire That High-Class madam.(Features)

Article excerpt

Byline: Carole Malone

THERE'S an old saying that prostitution is the only profession where you start at the top and end up at the bottom.

Well that obviously isn't the case with multi-millionaire Margaret MacDonald who has been arrested by French police for being the Madam at the heart of France's biggest vice ring.

And while Margaret's mother Matilda, a retired teacher and devout Roman Catholic from the Home Counties, spent last week in deep shock crying " Oh no, not my daughter", I do think she's coming at this from the wrong angle.

Her daughter isn't some shameful sleazy prostitute who has been exploited by men and shamed the family. On the contrary, Matilda should be proud of the achievements of a daughter who left home with nothing and ended up with tens of millions of pounds in the bank - an offshore bank of course, because clever Margaret has never paid a penny in tax in her life

Even Daniel Rigourd, the Paris vice squad chief who arrested her, is in awe. "She's an extremely well-educated, very sophisticated and quite beautiful woman," he said. And she is. This was a girl who went to Paris to do a two-year European business administration course. During the time she was studying she also managed to learn Greek, Japanese Arabic, French, German and Italian. She then put her qualifications to good use by setting up a worldwide network of 452 beautiful prostitutes and took a 40 per cent chunk of their earnings.

And anyone reading this thinking "Oh but she's just a cheap tart" is missing the point. Margaret MacDonald is NOT cheap. She's a very clever girl. She realised very early on that not only does sex sell but it's the biggest industry on the planet. Our society revolves around it. We use sex to sell movies, newspapers, cars and music (ask Kylie where her career was until the world started to focus on her bum).

And Margaret MacDonald wanted a slice of that action. …