Father Jack's Daughter Is an Expert on Strange Behaviour. (Well She Would Be, Wouldn't She?); UNDERCOVER SHRINK RAPS IRISH 'FACADE'.(News)

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SHRINK! Feck! Girls! Ireland's new celebrity shrink is the daughter of boozy Fr Jack Hackett from TV's Father Ted.

Psychologist Fiona Kelly-Meldon's dad is actor Frank Kelly, who made Fr Jack a household name with the catchphrase Drink! Feck! Girls!

Now Fiona is becoming well-known in her own right as the resident psychologist on RTE's fly-on-the-wall show Ireland Undercover.

And she says she has her famous father to thank for being a natural on television.

Fiona, 44 and a mum of two, said: "I grew up in a family where acting was part of life. I never knew any different.

"With my father being an actor, we would often go on trips to television studios.

"So I was well used to all the lights and cameras and the whole TV set-up.

"I think it has definitely helped me with my TV work.

"A lot of people get uncomfortable when faced with a camera, but it doesn't bother me at all."

Dubliner Fiona told how her father Frank is delighted to see her working in television.

She said: "I think he finds it amusing mostly! No, he is really proud of me and delighted it's going well.

"Actually, my father was the first one to call me after the first show was aired.

"He is certainly very proud - but with seven children in my family, there are no favourites.

"He's proud of us all, no matter what we do."

Ireland Undercover is not the first time Fiona has been on TV - she also appeared regularly on Open House and was the resident psychologist on Treasure Island.

But she dismissed the idea of being Ireland's celebrity psychologist.

"God no, I wouldn't be that at all. I'm just helping to give an insight in to why and how people behave in a certain way."

In Ireland Undercover, Fiona and co-presenter Sean Moncrieff take a look at Irish people's attitudes and reactions to set-up situations.

The programme is a cross between Beadles' About and The Live Mike, a light-hearted look at what people do when faced with the ridiculous. …