Mick Walked Naked from the Shower and Shook Hands. as Jerry Just Sat on the Bed; HIS KIDS' NANNY TELLS OF SEX WITH JAGGER OVER BREAKFAST BAR.(News)

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SEX-mad Mick Jagger seduced his own children's nanny and made love to her within 48 hours of their first meeting...with his wife Jerry Hall in the next room.

Claire Houseman last night told of her fling with the rock superstar and how she got caught up in his crazy lifestyle from the moment they first met - when the Rolling Stones singer introduced himself in the nude.

Claire said: "I walked into the hotel room in Brussels where he was staying with my bags in my hands. There was a shower at the end of the room and the curtains parted.

"To my amazement Mick Jagger stepped out of the shower stark naked. I didn't know where to put my eyes. The next thing I knew he put out his hand and said: 'Hi, I'm Mick'. To be honest, I didn't know which hand to shake!"

First impressions of the naked Jagger were generally favourable. "Mick was a lot shorter than I expected. I'm five foot seven and I seemed to tower over him.

"But I have to say he's pretty well endowed. He was very slim and obviously looked after his body. I wouldn't say he had rippling muscles, but he looked lean and fit.

"He didn't seem embarrassed. There I was a village girl from Kirkby Overblow in Yorkshire standing before rock's greatest superstar, it all seemed so unreal. He was dripping with water, his hair was lank, but he had this aura."

The incident gave Claire the first insight into the strange world of Mick and Jerry.

Claire, now 36, said: "What got to me was that Jerry was just behind me on the bed with their baby Gabriel. She didn't say a word. I just said: 'Hi' to everybody and asked where my room was.

"Even though I have looked after the children of many stars, this was the first time I'd had such an introduction."

Claire admits that within two days she had succumbed to the charms of the ageing rocker.

She says: "I was making coffee at around 4.30pm when Mick came into the kitchen. It was only a small area in the hotel suite and we were laughing and joking together. It seemed like I had known him for years.

"I must say, he is a real charmer. The kitchen was so small, that we kept bumping into each other. We couldn't help but touch each other and, I must admit, I enjoyed the closeness.

"I still don't know how it happened, but suddenly Mick was stroking my hair and I was liking it. Then we were in each other's arms. He hitched me up onto the breakfast bar and he pulled down my jogger bottoms. We kissed passionately, my head was swimming. The next thing I remember, he was making love to me."

Claire says Mick's performance wasn't particularly memorable - in fact it was the opposite.

"It was all over very quickly, to be honest. The earth didn't move or anything like that. I just thought to myself, 'God, is that it?'"

According to Claire, Mick was able to switch himself off as fast as he turned himself on.

"When we had finished Mick just carried on as though nothing had happened. I remember him kissing me on the nose and saying: 'Okay, babe,' and that was it."

He was obviously used to doing that sort of thing. But I wasn't hurt or offended.

The most amazing aspect of it all was that Jerry was so close by.

"All the time Jerry was 30 feet away in the bedroom with baby Gabriel. It all seemed like a blur to me. Mick went back to his wife, while I carried on making the coffee. It was very strange.

"A few minutes later he was laughing and talking with Jerry and cuddling little Gabriel.

"I just remember standing there in the kitchen with a cup of coffee in my hand and thinking: 'My god what was all that about?'"

Four years on, Claire says she doesn't have any real regrets. "I have to admit I didn't mind any of it. After all, I was with one of the sexiest stars on the planet. …